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GTZLINK Ltd. are synonymous with innovation in live television markets. We are the distributor for leading microwave, satellite and wireless communication systems for the capture of live TV coverage of news and sports events.

GTZLINK Ltd. provide secure, wireless, video & data communications systems, for worldwide law enforcement and public safety operations including Our mobile security software, which provides essential communications and transaction protection to governments, national security agencies, financial institutions and corporates to safeguard the information discussed, transferred and stored on mobile devices.

GTZLINK Ltd provide the best antennas which is the key component for SNG applications. AvL provides the most reliable, sophisticated and highest performance antennas and antenna positioners available.

The reflectors are built to meet the highest standards in the industry meeting Ka band surface accuracy and profile accuracy. The feed chains offer the highest performance for the widest range frequency bands. The heavy duty three axis positioners provide the stiffest most robust and accurate antenna pointing. The patented Roto-Lok ® cable drive system is renowned through the industry for its zero backlash and incomparable reliability even under the most arduous environmental conditions. The AvL positioners provide antenna rotation in azimuth, elevation and polarization that exceed the capabilities of all other competitors. A range of antenna controllers provide alternatives for simple jog control through to fully automatic satellite acquisition and tracking options.

"Designed to meet the industry’s changing requirements – precisely, accurately and consistently"

The latest generation of AvL SNG antennas is the latest series of aerodynamic SNG antenna subsystems on the market. The aerodynamic cowling is designed as an optional addition to the convenient and practical optional vehicle mounting pallet. The mounting pallet provides a means of quick and easy roof mounting to roof bars and a wide range of vans, SUV’s and all-terrain vehicles. The aerodynamic cowling provides an eye pleasing cover to enhance the overall appearance of the SNG vehicle.


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Simply Business PI Insurance

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